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Hands-on healingPosted by Fylgja Thu, September 06, 2012 07:14:04
Vi är många som redan tänker i de banorna:

Kroppsliga symptom kommer ofta från känslomässiga tankemönster, gamla djupt bevarade trauman eller bara ett långt liv av social anpassning, då kroppen till slut skriker ut din frustration.

Senaste veckobrevet från Quantum Touch

http://www.quantumtouch.com/ handlar just om det:


"All Healing is Self Healing" is our core philosophy at Quantum-Touch.

And while Quantum-Touch Level I and Level II is effective for many conditions, sometimes you may find that despite hours of energy healing, a condition is not improving. And sometimes despite even using other forms of alternative healing, changes to diet/lifestyle, or even western medicine, some conditions don't seem to change whatsoever...

So... What is going on? What keeps us from Healing?

Based on years of working with energy and disease and exploring alternative medicine, we have concluded that sometimes a condition manifests on the physical to show us our emotional issues that need healing.

Although Basic or Advanced Quantum-Touch can bring these emotional issues to the surface, sometimes we need a more direct technique to find and release the emotional cause of certain conditions.

Self Created Health addresses the question: "Why Don't People Heal?"

So... Imagine how this would affect you and your clients' lives to easily discover the emotional causation behind pain, physical discomfort and illness...


Ja, tänk om alla med krämpor, faktiskt var villiga att titta på sambanden i kroppen. Samband mellan tankar/minnen och kropp, men också maten i äter, materialen vi bär och rengöringsmedlen vi använder. Tänk om...?

Det var allt för idag smiley

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